The Ten Commandments

1. All single items must be priced at 50c or more. Lesser values must be grouped as pieces within a sale item. mystampworld supports listing separately priced pieces in the same sale item (perfect for bargain bins). You can have separate ‘bins’ for different countries or topics, for stamps, covers, and so on.

2. All information contained within a listing must be accurate and relate to the item being sold. Titles and descriptions cannot include promotional or irrelevant words such as Wow!, Look!, or use capitalization or special characters. For example, 'GREAT LOOKING STAMP!!!', 'L@@K!', RARE. You cannot include any links in your listings. All faults must be accurately described.

3. Images are required, must be for the exact item being sold, must be good quality and size, be reasonably cropped and oriented, and for stamps, show a black background. Black backgrounds are essential for stamps so perforations can be accurately viewed.

4. Numerical grades and prices based on them (such as SMQ values) must also show an image of its graded certificate from the PSE, PFC or APS.

5. At any time, you can only list one each of a grade or type of the same item. This means you can list one average used, one fine used, one superb used, one CTO, one mint and one hinged for the same stamp.

6. Buyer's premiums or fees are not allowed. For example, indicating a buyer must pay an additional 30¢ when using PayPal is forbidden.

7. Postage for local and overseas must be shown in your Seller's Info and must be realistic. It cannot be artificially inflated to lower the sale price. You can however allow for additional postage in the price of an item where it is unusually large or heavy and unsuited to the standard postage rate. Additional postage cannot be charged for multiple items.

8. The buyer of an item is considered a non-paying buyer if they do not pay within 7 days of an online purchase, otherwise 21 days.

9. If a purchase is found to be significantly different than described, you must issue a refund to the buyer using the same payment method to pay you, or an agreed cash equivalent, within 10 days from when the item was received, or 45 days if it was sent to a reputable third party authentication service.

10. All sellers are encouraged to join the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA). Buyers will have the assurance of your credentials and comfort in the knowledge that you belong to an active trade organization for internet sellers.

Updated point 7, 26th August 2013

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