We now have over 34,000 stamps listed in our online store. click this link to go to the store  

It is so easy.. type the SG number (and we have started to include Scott on all new listings) in the Search Keywords box, and see if we have what you are looking for.  Or type cat, dog, Inventions, .... what word might describe the stamps, the issue description maybe, or for GB Machins, just type the face value, for example, 9p and you will see all 9p Machins we have listed.  

to see the countries we stock please visit our website

we know there are over 700 stores at the HipStamp portal - but please - try us just once and we are confident you will become a regular customer. 7 out of 10  customers are now repeat customers.

And finally, we usually only charge US $2 postage. and no silly extra 25c for each stamp after the first stamp ordered. 

Visit, or read our blog at or go direct to cddstamps online store.   Enjoy your stamps    Michael 

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