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Categories: News — Jersey post issued six Magna Carta stamps commemorating 800 years since the sealing of Great Charter, one of British history’s most famous documents.
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Categories: Society — The New Zealand Society of Great Britain exists for the study of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and its Dependencies.Although the majority of our members are based in Great Britain, we have a large number of international members. As well as our journal, The Kiwi, which is published si…
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Categories: Society — The British Air Mail Society (BAMS) caters for anybody who has an interest in airmails of whatever period on a worldwide basis. All aero subjects are catered for including Air Mail History, Air Letters, Internal and External flights, Individual Airlines, Air Mail stamps, First Flights, Crash Mail, B…
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Categories: Resource — This is an extensive site on New Zealand philately, stamps, postal history and early airmails. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.
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Categories: Resource — The Official site of the British Postal Museum and Archive. Contains online exhibitions, a searchable catalogue and a vast amount of information for researchers and anyone interested in the history of the British Post.
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Categories: Postal History — Site of the "German postmark association" (Poststempelgilde). An association of various working groups and postmark scientists studying German postmarks and machine cancels as well as postal history. The results of these works are often published as books from the association itself or as articles a…
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Categories: Auction — KO Stamps & Postal History is a nice Shop on KO is collector specialized in Greek classic philately and pre-1900 postal history. You can see his complete profile on LinkedIn here You'll find a lot of MNH and used stamps, thematic, postal history, postal stationary, telegraphic cance…
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Categories: Auction — We are an auction platform that users can exchange any paper item: ads & labels, autographs, art & posters, books, comics, entertainment memorabilia, magazines, manuscripts, maps & etchings, money & stocks, photographs, postcards, sports memorabilia, tickets, toys & hobbies, trad…
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