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Categories: Postal History — Being a collector for some years now of Great Britain (GB) Covers, First Day, Illustrated¬† Special Events ( also known as Commemorative or Souvenir), Special Event postmarks on plain cover and Slogans¬† both General and Local Publicity it has become noticeable that First Day are well covered for rese…
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Categories: Collector — Stamps of Great Britain, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, mainly mint condition. Also links to the world's philatelic bureaux, other collector's exchange offers, covers and all things philatelic.¬† Come and see!
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Categories: Information — A site giving average prices collectors can expect for their stamps of Great Britain. This is not a buying/selling site. Prices obtained by seller may be higher or lower than those listed.
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Categories: Blog — Theo's blog of issues from the Nation that gave us the Penny Black.
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