Browse Sites By Category: Postal History — This blog site has sources of information of mint and used  worldwide stamps.Also included are mint sheets of various nations.All terms are for trade.If  you want faster deals  paypal is accepted. Also ask for the unique glow in the dark stamps. The mighty postcard needs the humble stamp to travel. …
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Categories: Postal History — Being a collector for some years now of Great Britain (GB) Covers, First Day, Illustrated  Special Events ( also known as Commemorative or Souvenir), Special Event postmarks on plain cover and Slogans  both General and Local Publicity it has become noticeable that First Day are well covered for rese…
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Categories: Postal History — Here you can see Worldwide Single Stamps, Sets, Postcards and Covers. More of 287 pages made for me.
1605 days ago · 5 comments · From rtvstamps — Melbourne Museum has an extensive philatelic and numismatic section.
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Categories: Postal History — Site of the "German postmark association" (Poststempelgilde). An association of various working groups and postmark scientists studying German postmarks and machine cancels as well as postal history. The results of these works are often published as books from the association itself or as articles a…
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