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Privacy and Identity Theft

Never include any personal information of a private nature on mystampworld or any other sites. mystampworld will never ask for any bank account or credit card information.

When joining, your first and last names are completely optional, you only need a username (nickname or alias). For your location, you are not asked for your full address, just country and city, which are used for displaying collectors locations on a world map.

When viewing your profile, the general public only see your photo (or avatar), username and country.

Please read the Privacy Policy (and Usage Guidelines) for more details, both of which must be agreed to as a condition of membership.

Spam, Bot, Malware, Virus and Email Protection

mystampworld is a part of the Incapsula community, our web traffic is routed through their intelligent global network.

Incapsula offers state-of-the-art security and performance to websites of all sizes. Through a simple DNS change, your website's traffic is seamlessly routed through Incapsula’s globally-distributed network of high-powered servers. Incoming traffic is intelligently profiled in real-time, blocking even the latest web threats: from sophisticated SQL injection attacks to scrapers, malicious bots and intruding comment spammers. Meanwhile, outgoing traffic is accelerated and optimized with Incapsula's global CDN, for faster load times, keeping welcome visitors speeding through.

Here's some example Incapsula stats for mystampworld:

Every mystampworld member application is also subjected to behind the scenes spam and bot checks through a combination of checking spammer databases and employing a 'honeypot'.

Here's a table of stats for recently blocked spam: 

All IPs of spammers and bots isolated by mystampworld are then blacklisted on Incapsula, so they cannot chew up any more bandwidth.

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how do you prevent identity theft, virus and malware infection?