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Home is a summary page of all the latest activity on mystampworld.

Starting with the left column you'll find a beautifully integrated timeline of all these activities called Our Wall, only visible to members.

You also have a wall of activities involving you and your friends on your Account, and one involving yourself on your Profile.

See the separate help article: the all singing and dancing Wall.

Next is the right column, visible to everyone, however only the latest announcements, forums , store items and gifts are shown for visitors. 

Starting in the right column at the top, the latest members are shown.

You can also switch to the top (most active) members, just show the members Online, Admins online or Moderators online.

next the latest announcements:

then the latest featured stamp news with access to hundreds more stamp news articles:

followed by the latest forum posts:

and the latest blog posts:

the latest groups:

the latest group albums:

the latest store items displaying continuously:

not forgetting our available gifts just waiting for you just by using mystampworld regularly.

See the separate FAQ article: can I really get free stuff here?

If you have an iPhone, iPod or Android device you can download the free viewer for mystampworld:

there are stats to show you how many members, images, sites and more are on mystampworld:

and lastly, there’s a beautiful spinning globe showing where site visitors are on our tiny planet:

There’s also zoom  and spin  controls to play with and you can click the   button to see detailed visitor stats.

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