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With eStamps, sellers get their own store and everything offered for sale is exclusive to members. Sellers are encouraged to offer their material at attractive prices for fellow members. There are no selling fees, just the usual to payment providers.

With a basic store you simply have buyers email you to arrange purchase and payment.

With a more comprehensive store:

  • Sellers can offer online payment using PayPal (which also has credit card facilities). This is an excellent payment facility to offer as buyers are also covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection.
  • Sellers can also offer an invoice (buy now pay later) for payment using either Skrill or Western Union online systems. Using this option, on checkout, an invoice is emailed to the buyer along with payment instructions, and a copy is also emailed to the seller.
  • Buyers get a convenient shopping cart (per seller) for loading up with all their pending purchases.
  • Buyers also have a complete history of all items purchased, and sellers have a complete history of all items sold.

To create a basic store, complete step 1 below. If you also want shipping calculated and displayed with each sale item you also need to complete step 2.

To create your store with a cart facility, online payment plus purchase and sales history, complete all steps.

1. Enter Your Store and Selling Information.

Select 'Store Settings' from your Account or your 'My Store' dropdown menu. Enter the "Store Info" information which describes your store, how long you've been in business, your credentials and your store logo if you have one. Here's a good example set up by KoalaStamps. This is displayed at the top of your store and is the first thing buyers see.

Next enter all the "Selling Info" information a buyer needs to know, such as postage rates, refund policy, holidays notice, and payment methods offered. Whatever you enter here is displayed with each item you put on sale. So once you enter it here, there's no need to mention it in items described for sale.
Here's the selling info set up for KoalaStamps, which you are welcome to use as the basis for your own template.

Postage Rates Australia Rest of World
for orders up to $50 you just pay the one flat rate $0.60 $2.60
from $50 postage is free to anywhere in the world FREE FREE

Current commemorative stamps are always used.

All prices are US currency.

Registered Post (with tracking) Australia Rest of World
optional on orders up to $75 optional optional
between $75 and $150 all orders must be registered $4.00 $15.00

 All orders $150 and above are registered FREE!



  • The preferred payment method is  PayPal.
  • Payment would be appreciated within 7 days of your purchase.



  • I provide a no fuss lifetime full refund on any purchase. I'll even refund your postage. All I ask is that I receive the stamps in the same condition as they were sent to you.



  • I always leave feedback when I receive your payment.
  • Your feedback is also very important. Please leave feedback when you get your stamps, that way I know you received them, and most importantly, that you're happy.



Stamp Grades and Condition

  • Unless mentioned, all stamps are free of rust, stains, tears, thins, creases, and short perfs.
  • MNH mint never hinged are unused stamps with original gum and have not been hinged.
  • MLH mint lightly hinged stamps have no hinge or remnant, just minor gum disturbance where once hinged.
  • MH mint hinged stamps have a full or part hinge.
  • MNG mint no gum are unused stamps without gum.
  • Used stamps are fine, very fine, superb or cto and will nearly always have a light, clean circular postmark applied to a corner of the stamp. I always indicate FU fine used even though most are very fine or better.

2. Enter Postage and Registration Rates

The shipping rates table allows you to set postage and registration rates to apply for both local and overseas, depending on the sale value. This step is optional for the basic store but required for the comprehensive store.

Note that you cannot charge additional postage for multiple items, for example, an extra $1 for a 2nd item and so on.

You cannot charge extra postage for larger items, for example maxicards and full sheets. You must cover this in your selling price for those items.

Likewise, many Countries have multiple regions with a different rate for each region. mystampworld allows for a local and an overseas postage amount. You can simply set the overseas postage value to an amount that is both competitive and will recoup your postage charges.

Regarding heavy items such as collections and accessories, because of the associated high postage and registration amounts, if necessary, you can use the classified ads for these. You can of course still sell these in the store by selling at a price that also covers the high postage/registration.

mystampworld's postage and registration model is simplistic and easily understood by customers. As an order is entered the postage and registration is reflected on the bottom of their cart so the total amount being spent is always shown.

The advantages are that postage/registration is calculated automatically, you have different rates for local and overseas orders and you can set the rates according to the order value. Which means it's easy for example, to have a cut in order value that attracts free postage.

Remember, offering free postage, albeit you have it covered in your selling prices, is the way online stores are trending, because this is what the buyer wants. Smile

To set up your rates, select 'Shipping Settings' from your Account or your 'My Store' dropdown menu. Here's an example setup for KoalaStamps:

Here are some examples using this setup:

A $30.00 order from a local buyer will have 0.60 added for postage while for an overseas buyer $2.60 will be added. Registration is not applicable.

For a $60.00 order, postage is free, Registration is not applicable.

For a $90.00 order, postage is free.  Registration is required, for a local buyer $4.00 is added, or for an overseas buyer, $15.00.

For an $150.00 order, both postage and registration is free.

3. Enter Payment Settings

By completing this step, you get a cart facility, online payment, plus purchase and sales history.

Select 'Payment Settings' from your Account or your 'My Store' dropdown menu.

Tip: Hovering the mouse cursor over the info icon  next to a field provides you with any help you may need.

NB: So that your buyers are automatically returned to mystampworld from PayPal, you also need to set the return URL on your PayPal account's website preferences by following the help provided.


4. Enter Item Listings For Sale

Now all that's left is to enter your sale listings, by clicking the 'New Item' button in your new Store.

You can access your new store by clicking 'My Store' on the navigation menu, or by clicking your seller's thumbnail on the eStamps stores page.


Here's the form you see for adding a new item listing.

Remember to only list individual items priced at 50c or more. You can also upload multiple images for the same item. Just leave these subsequent images unpriced. Make sure you include an image of the back of any stamp being sold for $100 or more.

You can however include as many lesser value items in the one listing, where these can be purchased at their individual prices. See the KoalaStamps Bargain Bin for a good example.

Notice there's also help available with more detail by hovering the mouse cursor over the applicable info icon

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