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Now you can with our nifty Facebook Friends Inviter located on the navigation menu: More | Promote | Referrals.


For every Facebook friend you invite, you receive 1 point. What's more, every time one of your invited Facebook friends joins mystampworld, you earn another 10 points towards the gifts available here.



Here's an example snapshot:

So how does it work?

First, you need to be logged into your facebook account. Notice you can do that here if you need to.

Your friends will be divided into 3 lists, those that have not been sent an invite, those that have, and those that don't accept invites. (Here I'm displaying my 'sent' list). You will display your 'not sent' list.

Clicking on the 'Send' button next to a facebook friend will display a similar dialogue window to this:

Type in your personal invitation message, and when happy with it, click 'Share'. The dialogue window will close and you can then invite another friend.

Tip: If you're going to be inviting several of your facebook friends, use right click and 'copy' your invitation message so you can 'paste' it to your next invitation.

NB: There's no opportunity to send an invitation to multiple friends at once as it's disallowed by Facebook, as a measure against spammers.

Next time you refresh your account page you will see that this friend has been moved to the sent list.

You may notice that some of your friends are already in the sent list without you having sent them an invitation. This means another mystampworld member also has them as a facebook friend and has already sent them an invite.

Also, all mystampworld members that joined using the Facebook Connect button are removed from the sent list.

One more thing you will notice. Some of your facebook friends will have set their privacy so that no-one can write on their wall, some you will be following and are not actually confirmed friends, and some are people following you. These friends are in your "cannot send" list. If you try to invite one of your friends in this list you will see this when you try to send them an invitation:

If you still want to invite them, you can always send them a PM from their facebook account.

If you are using the groups feature of facebook, you can also filter your friends by group. The default is to display friends from "all" your facebook groups. I have my philatelic friends as a separate group to my family and other friends, so I just concentrate on my friends in my "Stamps" group. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my family that collects stamps!

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can I invite my facebook friends to join mystampworld?