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Selecting 'My Purchases' from your account menu or your account displays any shopping carts you have active awaiting to be checked out. Any carts where you used the invoiced option are also still shown until the seller has received your payment and processed your order.

You can also select 'Purchase History' from here to view all your completed purchases.

This is an example of the purchase history for the above cart once it has been checked out:

You can click 'Details' on any transaction for more information regarding it:

You can view details of the item by clicking its description.

Purchases can be filtered by the member id of whom you purchased from, reference, from and to date, by filling the required fields and ticking the Apply checkbox.

Purchases can be viewed 10, 20, 50,100, 200 at a time, by month or year.

When viewing by period (month or year), the total purchase value is shown for each period.

You can also click on any period to view all your purchases during that period.

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