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Once logged in you are presented with your members bar along the bottom of the screen: 

There’s your current status.  Clicking here allows you to change it, 

Clicking  allows you to edit your profile info and settings,

You can change your status message by clicking ,

Next is  which allows you quick access to add new stuff,

Moving to the right, there’s   for accessing your mail. The 1 in the red dot in this example means there’s one new email,

Use  for accessing your philatelic friends (or with a red dot for new philatelic friends),

and lastly,  for displaying your notifications (or with a red dot for new notifications).

15.12.2013 16:33   
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  •  Gachinto: 

    Looking for exchange partners wide world.

    Want MNH complet issues Fauna,Bridge,Olympic games,Ships,Planes,Lokomotives,Auto,Mushrooms

    Offer Russia,Ukraina,Moldova,Uzbekistan,Kasahstan,Kigysia,Tadjikistan,others

     366 days ago 
    0 mystampworld points
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a quick guide to using the members bar