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1. Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself and be seen by everyone to be added as friend.

This is a convenient way to shout out to the community and quickly grab the interest of some other members.

You can find this new feature on your Account page (you can readily access you account by clicking the gear icon  on the navigation menu).

  • Introduced members are shown on the homepage and can be toggled between recent and random.
  • Recently introduced members also show on your Account page.

2. Members You May Know

Look for this new block located on the Members home page:

  • Shows random philatelic friends of your friends so you can optionally add them as your friend
  • Send a philatelic friend request to those members with whom you are interested in becoming friends
  • Remove a suggested philatelic  friend so that member doesn't appear in future suggestions.

3. Contact Friends

If you have some news to share with your philatelic friends, you can now send a single message to all or selected friends at once.
  • Supports sending a copy to your email address
  • Supports sending the message to recipients' email address.

4. MSW Friends Inviter

You can now invite your friends to content pages. For example, you can invite any or all of your friends to check out a Profile page.

 Here is how it works:

  • An "Invite friends" button shows on all content pages (such as Profile page, Group page, Image page and many others):


  • By clicking it you will see a paginated list of all of your philatelic friends in a popup, where you can select any or all that you want to invite to see that page:


  • A member will have the count of latest invitations received shown on the bottom Members menu. Clicking on the invitations icon shows them:


  • All invitations you receive, including those already visited are also listed in a block on your Account page.

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