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Donate points to another member

Giving is easy on mystampworld. Do you have points you don't want or need? Want to reward a member for their contributions to mystampworld? Now you can.

Hover the mouse cursor over a member's profile (for up to 2 seconds) to whom you would like to give some of your points, to see a similar dialog to this:

Clicking the  button displays this dialog:



After entering the number of points you want to give, click the  button.

Now, doesn't that feel good. Innocent


Use your points for an eStamps store discount

Participating stores can now offer members a further discount to their already favourably priced items. If you have a store and want to offer a discount for points, just set the percentage from your Store settings.


If you are set up to accept one of the mystampworld payment methods (PayPal, Skrill, Western Union) you will see this slider at the top of your Store settings. Set it to the percentage discount you want to offer members and save your settings.

Now members will see this percent icon  with all of your items (and any item pieces with a value of at least 20c).



Tip: Hovering the mouse cursor over it shows you the points needed, discount amount and discount percent.


The item detail screen shows this discount message:

If you want to use your points for the discount, tick the checkbox  before adding the item to your cart.

You will see the confirmed message along with the new discounted price:

Now add the item to your cart, along with another 30 or 40 items. Wink

If you want to see this in action, I believe it's available in the KoalaStamps store.


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