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08.02.2014 12:50   
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  •  butterflystamp: 

    On the image of the fish inside the bulb...when I was in middle school, I was able to knock out the inner filament and make the bulb as an empty vessel to hold a plant.It was tricky  but the rewards were great for  the effort.No fish were put inside....only plants.

     1435 days ago 
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  •  PMPatel: 

    Many new users do not have ideal how to explore this site. If a drop down menu related to how to explore this site is added, than it will give an ease to new users. For Example. when a message related to a specific activity is highlighted than there are three specific pop-ups or selection area, reciver, subject and sender.In stade of these three individual selection pop-ups, simply there should be one selection, click the activity message and it will directly leads to wither image or the activity. Many a times by mistake if you click wrong field that it opens unwanted window and user gets confused.

     1537 days ago 
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  •  angrybird: 

    Perhaps Wall, Blogs, Stamp images & Groups can be viewed without logging in. That way anyone can see them & be encouraged to join in. At the moment very little can be viewed without logging in, and non members cannot see what the site offers.

     1538 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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