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21.03.2014 21:54   
You can now fine tune which emails you want to receive for mystampworld posts, comments and ratings.
04.07.2013 16:41   
It's official! The free eStamps Store for buying and selling stamps and other philatelic material on mystampworld is now open...
22.09.2013 13:20   
mystampworld now has three new designs.
09.11.2013 14:38   
Fresh from his holidays, our programmer Alex has completed lots of little features to make the mystampworld eStamps stores even better. Read on...
09.11.2013 15:50   
Some more programming wizardry from Alex, just for you. Read on...
05.12.2013 20:50   
Store pieces wizardry ...Sorting store thumbnails ...Store settings easier to maintain ...A new menu for maintaining your store navigation menu icons
23.11.2013 20:37   
View all email correspondence with another member
28.12.2013 12:48   
Donate points to another member... Use your points for an eStamps store discount...
17.12.2013 10:49   
Kevin Blackstone of philosateleia reviews mystampworld.
21.03.2014 21:54   
Do you like to make philatelic swaps? mystampworld now manages these for you...
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