Stamp collectors have been organizing gatherings of like minded people for decades, to promote the hobby, to sell their wares, to share their knowledge and to show off their prized possessions. In the process of organizing these great events and with the thought to promote and to offer a souvenir of the day a lot of philatelic collectables have been created. Although some of these collectables are also considered to be Cinderella items there have also been a lot of beautiful souvenirs that were produced to commemorate the events that were also valid postage.

This is a group for those of us that enjoy collecting or at least admiring the wonderful items that the exhibitions, great and small, have produced.

1461 days ago
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  •  lokos: 

    Welcome Badih

    Do you collect any items from philatelic exhibitions? I like the older items that were produced privately myself but there have been a lot of "official" items produced by different countries post offices for large events in their country.

     1590 days ago 
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  •  lokos: 

    Welcome Bede!

    Do you have any items from philatelic exhibitions or shows in your collection?

     1596 days ago 
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