Around the world, very many Postal Authorities issue stamps to celebrate the festival of Christmas. The stamps range from the  religious to the secular; from the manger to the visit of Santa; from seasonal decorations and feasting, to expressions of peace and goodwill to all.

Please share your Christmas stamps here and tell us something about them and their message.


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From Theotoo
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  •  Balkanstamp: 

    Except countries where it is not popular (Religion reason or Communist as Theotoo say), I really don't know if existed some other countries that don't celebrate Christmas. Even here in Israel, where religion didn't recognize this, we have one ATM every year that will celebrate Holiday feast. 

    As I see opposite, many really many countries made very nice stamp, even great designed stamp, that can be compared with art and Icons! Will mention just Serbia and Republika Srpska, to less attractive Slovakia.

    Serbia, Christmas, set from 2013 year

     1316 days ago 
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  •  butterflystamp: 

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you for letting me into this group.I collect and disseminate Christmas Themed issues.Just see my profile

    thank you

    Kiron Manuel

     1525 days ago 
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  •  Theotoo: 

    Good question William. There's no easy answer. State religion, political policies, religion of the population, all play a part in different countries. Here in GB a high proportion of the population join in the festive season. It's very commercialised and Christmas just seems to be a chance for Royal Mail to increase its revenues as well as people to put seasonal stamps on their Christmas cards. Of course Christmas card mailings appear to be decreasing. I personally send far less cards than I used to, relying on ecards sent by email for many of my family and friends. So many protest at the cost of a stamp these days. But that strays from the point of your question.

    I can understand an Islamist or communist state not wanting to join in. I can understand the tussle between religious and secular creating pressures. I believe I'm right in remembering legal and constitutonal arguments arising in the USA even though the issuing of Christmas stamps there continues. 

    One has to ask your question about each state/postal authority. Did you have any particular country in mind?

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  •  stampman12345: 

    Why do some countries issue Chrisrtmas stamps but other refuse to even if it would get some needed revenue?

     1747 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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