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A Group for discussing and posting information on Ships on Stamps.
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598 days ago · From alynstampcollector
A group for discussion of Aviation and Aircraft on stamps. 
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1247 days ago · From Theotoo
all world is football frenzy at this time...i started this group to share knowledge about stamps issued by countries on footballers or any football related things like stadiums and all...
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1421 days ago · From lihkin
Birds on stamps, FDC, covers , maximum cards, postal stationery, etc. Open to all MSW members who like bird stamps. Please show your Bird items here! some useful sites on Bird Stamps are:
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1527 days ago · From angrybird
For topical collectors who love nature and everything in it: Butterflies, Birds, Rocks and animals.....the list is quite big. That just means there's plenty to see and share!
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1583 days ago · From BettyAnn
For lovers of religious topics and beliefs systems. Share and discuss!
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1584 days ago · From BettyAnn
Some will remember we had such a group at My Philately. It actually grew in size and number of members and posts quite rapidly. People liked it maybe because we were able to have a global scope like our philatelic forefathers thanks to the narrow theme. Let us try do it here at MSW. All number ones…
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1726 days ago · From Svend
A group for all collectors of Israel's postage stamps.
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1764 days ago · From Theotoo
This group is not necessarily about the Olympic Games in philately, but about sharing stamps from various countries and territories depicting sports which are in the (summer or winter) olympic programme and sharing our knowledge about both the sports themselves and the way they are reflected on stam…
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1767 days ago · From cristixav8
Probably one of the cheapest ways to collect US until you get to those last few to finish an area.  Classic precancels began  shortly after stamps were released and many local patterns (classics) were used up to the 1922-32 time frame when the bureau of printing became involved with large batches.  …
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1771 days ago · From DaveHamilton
This group is for discussion and sharing about the intersection between worldwide rail transport and philately.  Topics open for discussion include, but definitely are not limited to: trains, trams and rapid transit on stamps and covers tracks, bridges, stations and other railway infrastructure on s…
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1773 days ago · From Slambo
Around the world, very many Postal Authorities issue stamps to celebrate the festival of Christmas. The stamps range from the  religious to the secular; from the manger to the visit of Santa; from seasonal decorations and feasting, to expressions of peace and goodwill to all. Please share your Chris…
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1774 days ago · From Theotoo
This group is for anyone with an interest in how the mail gets from sender to recipient. It includes the history of the postal system, and all aspects of mail collection, sorting and delivery. Post here your favourite images of post offices, postal workers, postal transportation. Keep members update…
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1774 days ago · From Anglez
A Fun Quiz group based on stamps.
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1782 days ago · From dfilixmas
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