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A Group for discussing and posting information on Ships on Stamps.
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594 days ago · From alynstampcollector
Stamps of republika serpska ( Bosnia- Serbian administration)
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
902 days ago · From Tommys
A group for discussion of Aviation and Aircraft on stamps. 
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1243 days ago · From Theotoo
Please show us your Marlin; Swordfish; Sailfish and other Billfish Stamps from any Country
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1336 days ago · From Stevo45
all world is football frenzy at this time...i started this group to share knowledge about stamps issued by countries on footballers or any football related things like stadiums and all...
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1418 days ago · From lihkin
The history Malaysia (British crown colony Straits Settlements (1826), Malayan states , British patronage (Sabah), the Japanese Invasion of the Malayan Peninsula in the second World War (Malaya 1942) and Federation one finds Malaya (1957) again on numerous stamps. At 31.08.1957 the independence of G…
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1448 days ago · From RonC
this is a group for collectors who collects on the theme 'one stamp from each country' ..
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1454 days ago · From lihkin
Stamps with  Famous International Personalities ... Stamps with National Celebreties .. Stamps with people that have became famous for achieving something during their life period... Stamps with Famous Non Human Personalities are not Allowed (Disney characters, animals, aliens, etc), ; it is a endle…
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1455 days ago · From luisfilipe
Stamp collectors have been organizing gatherings of like minded people for decades, to promote the hobby, to sell their wares, to share their knowledge and to show off their prized possessions. In the process of organizing these great events and with the thought to promote and to offer a souvenir of…
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1598 days ago · From lokos
A group for collectors of polar philately. Arctic, Antarctic, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands etc. Stamps, covers, and postal history.
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1714 days ago · From ralph
Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi is affectionately known as "Mahatma Gandhi" or "Gandhiji" or "Bappuji" all over the world !  United Nations has declared him by its resolution in 2000AD as the " Man of the Millenium". As an ardent practioner of Non-Violence, he can be considered as the "Light of the worl…
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1721 days ago · From Pradeep_Kumar
Some will remember we had such a group at My Philately. It actually grew in size and number of members and posts quite rapidly. People liked it maybe because we were able to have a global scope like our philatelic forefathers thanks to the narrow theme. Let us try do it here at MSW. All number ones…
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1723 days ago · From Svend
Acá nos reunimos, los filatelistas de habla castellana.
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1725 days ago · From juma
A group for all collectors of Israel's postage stamps.
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1761 days ago · From Theotoo
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