The national philatelic exhibition Jomapex 2013 in Johannesburg will make history when part of the exhibition will stay open and on public view for a further two months. Exhibition chairman George Cafetzoglou RDPSA says a substantial portion of the displays will continue as an exhibition of MuseumAfrica, into the summer holidays and up to the end of December 2013, following the competitive event of 9-13 October 2013.

"Exhibitors have the option of leaving their exhibits, or replacing collections with facsimiles, for the extended show period" he says. "Moreover, in this phase, collections of interest which may be too small or too large for the national event, can be included. This is the first-ever time we will have an extended national exhibition, thanks to the initiative of MuseumAfrica".

Jomapex 2013 will be held within MuseumAfrica, the extensive museum complex housed in the grand old Johannesburg fresh product market building in Newtown. It is an excellent venue. There is space, a magnificent conference hall, full catering facilities and ample free parking right at the doorstep. The name Jomapex is derived from two Johannesburgs - the Philatelic Society of Johannesburg, the philatelic hosts, and the City of Johannesburg, the civic hosts - and the museum's initials, with 'pex' for philatelic exhibition.

Source: The South African Philatelist: October 2012, Vol 88:5 914, ISSN 0038-2566

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MuseumAfrica, Bree Street, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Jomapex 2013