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Another problem I have and maybe someone can explain this to me. When asking a seller a question on an item that you are interested in or a potential problem you see and the seller does not respond by the time the item is sold - why does this question not show on the item and if the seller knows it will only show once answered and does not like the question, is he/she free to hold the answer back till after the auction or not answer it at all 

This is raised due to a lot for sale on Wednesday (yesterday) where three covers were offered with what seemed to be stamps stuck on the covers or could have been loose. The covers had their original stamps as issued by the post office but appeared to have additional stamps added at a later date. These could have also been loose and I then would have bid on the item

Should the seller not be compelled to answer a legitimate question before deadline on the item ? This could be say up to 3 hours before the items deadline. Should the question not automatically be raised at the time which would alert other buyers ?

 When looking at lots, I'm always interested in any questions asked as this gives me a better idea of what I am buying. What do others think ?


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I usually find sellers on auction sites to be helpful. If the are not I don't bid.

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