Literary Stamp Collector says Hello
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Hi, I just started collecting in January and am specializing in Literary Stamps (stamps with classic books or authors\poets).  My USA collection is up to date but I am now adding FDC\cachets to that collection and postal stationary.  I hope to start working on Great Britain next.  

I also have a growing general collection (Foreign and USA).  I am a member of the Syracuse (NY) Stamp Club and plan on applying to the APS very soon.  

So far philately has been a fascinating journey.  

Oh, and I started a blog awhile back.  



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Cool Welcome Jon!

The Classic Literature is very extensive and interesting, I hope to see some pics soon!. the APS Store is a very good option for obtain complete sets ans sheets.


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I like this "Literary" set  from Sweden. It is 2004 Sweden-Ireland joint issue on Nobel laureates.


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