I am too new to ID this stamp.
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I have an old dirty 1 cent stamp I found in an antique cash register I bought at an estate sale. I am having trouble getting a good ID on it because there are so many variations to that stamp when I try to research online.  Further complicating the matter is the fact that the image is off center to the point I am not sure how to measure it.  
The perforations are (as best as I can tell) 11 by 10 1/2.

I don't expect it to be rare, or valuable, but rather would like that information because of how I found it.  Both the history of the stamp and the cash register fascinate me.  

Thanks for any help you can give.

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If the perfs are indeed 11x10.5, this is Sc#632.  It was issued in 1927.  there is minimum catalog value for a copy in very fine condition and basically no value in this condition.  

It's certainly fun to find old stamps in unexpected places though!  This was part of the definitive series which had values from 1/2 cent to 5 dollars so if this sparked an interest in stamps for you, there are plenty of others to go along with this one.

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