Heligoland stamp 1/4 Schilling info needed
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Hello all

I have come across this stamp from Heligoland whilst sorting out my "Old Germany" collection.

The question is this - my Lighthouse catalogue for Germany puts a ridiculous catalogue value on it as a "printers error". If this is the stamp I think it is how do I go about verifying that the very light cancellation is correct and how does the missing corner perforations affect its value?



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Hello fordy!

The problem with this type of cancellations is that normally are fakes (principally with not clear cancellations.) for this reason the recommendation is to obtain a Certificate. The clipped corner perforations affect slightly the value. Here is the link of two interesting study from Heligoland stamps, maybe this helps.



Specialized of Scott Catalogue mentioned:  #8  A4  1873 with Thick Quadrille Paper - 1/4sch yel-green & rose Unused $100.00 - Used $3,250.00
                                                                    #13 A4  1874 with Thin Wove Paper - 1/4sch yel-green & rose Unused $16.00 - Used - not recorded


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Thanks Rodolfo

I think I will simply put it into my collection as a "curiosity" with a notation. I really place no monetary value on my collection anyway as it is simply something I have always done since I was a child (Many many years past!). It can become one of those things my estate will need to deal with when I "drop off my perch".



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