Are there Any Stamp Collectors Out there
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I have been a collector of French Stamps since I was twelve year old. That is over 40 years. Having lived most of that time in Scotland and now, since 2009, living in Gibraltar I have always been surrounded by people who collected British (and now Gibraltarian) stamps. As a result I have never shown my collection to another collector.

Are there any collectors of French Stamps out there in this forum?

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I have the basics of a French collection - nothing great but a staring point. My main interests are Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Canada & New Zealand. Mainly because besides Australia, these are the countries I have in greater numbers and am trying to fill the gaps on.

I too am asking the Question "Where are the stamp collectors"? Is the hobby dead? Most posts on this site are long past their use by date.

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Collecting modern postage stamps is a mammoth exercise as most post offices round the world produce so many stamps these days you would need an inexhaustible bank supply and a staff to keep up to date. This has put off a lot of collectors but I am sure there are still plenty out there. We just need to goad them out a bit. Thank you for your reply. I have a collection of Australia, New Zeeland, USA, South Africa, Rhodesia and Great Britain as well. These were inherited through and I really am more interested in my French Collection, which I think is quite good but I have never compared to anyone else.

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I agree wholeheartedly. I deliberately put a cut off date for 2013 on my collection of Australia as that spans 100 years of them. The decision was made easy by Australia Post putting out so many formats and combinations that it simply became unaffordable to maintain my collection up to date when each new issue was costing a small fortune.

I have done similar with my foreign collections with a cut off of 2010 and only concentrating on used from a few selected countries. Once the gaps on these are reduced I will consider an expansion of other countries. As per all collectors I have albums full of worldwide that gets added to if something I don't have pops up.

I too consider my collection(s) as "quite good" but again no comparison. Friends often comment that what I have must be of considerable value but funnily enough I place no fiscal value on what I have as it is something that I have always done and will never sell off. What happens once I drop off my perch is not really relevant but I suspect the usual thing will happen where it will get sold off and broken up - a shame really when so much energy gets put into it.

All you other collectors out there - OFF YOU BUMS AND GET INVOLVED! - the internet is probably the single greatest piece of technology that exists to get us connected and improve on our collections. Think back to when you were kids and negotiated the swaps with the kid down the street to get stamps neither of you had and how happy you were. The local neighborhood is now the entire globe!

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Agreed that it is quite impossible to collect "by country" as there are so many issues a year by each country.

except for a few countries like Timor-Leste which has 1 issue every few years!

i have to limit myself to a few issues of Singapore a year , and a few Reptile and bird stamps (kingfishers).

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