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Stamp Collecting: Countries (popular)
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Cinderellasstamp-like labels that are not valid for postage
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Federal Duck StampsStamps for duck hunting licenses, mainly U.S. with some other countries such as Canada and New Zealand
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First Day CoversEnvelopes with stamps attached and canceled on the first day the stamp was issued · last update: 1518 days ago
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Maximum CardsPostcards with the stamp on the same side as the picture and they have a close connection · last update: 1341 days ago
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Postal Stationery Includes government-issued postal cards, aerogrammes, letter cards, wrappers, envelopes, etc, that have an imprinted stamp · last update: 1602 days ago
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PostmarksPostal markings in general. · last update: 235 days ago
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SheetsIncluding blocks, miniature sheets, souvenir sheets and sheetlets. · last update: 1607 days ago
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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