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GB - Scout Card
created by rtvstamps 1602 days ago · last reply by rtvstamps 1600 days agoI have this Postcard (for me) from 1974, but, curiously in the back says "Souvenir Sheet", maybe is an error of printing??
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Denmark 10øre Coat of Arms new settings 1884
created by maxxdetom 1620 days ago · last reply by maxxdetom 1620 days agoThe attached in 1884 used card maybe is the earliest date of use for this printing set,  when the usual small corner fi...
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U.S. - Watermark Orientaton
created by Frenvelope 1781 days ago · last reply by Frenvelope 1781 days agoI have observed different watermark orientations on two U602's (both UPSS 3679-49A). One is in normal orientation, but...
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