Nursing Assignment Help on Obesity in Children in
created by assignmenthelpexperts 245 days ago · last reply by assignmenthelpexperts 245 days ago
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Stamp ID
created by Jimjih 454 days ago · last reply by fordy 387 days agoWould like to get some help on identifying this stamp.  I found it in a large box I purchased...
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BARGAIN Australian Kiloware
created by Stamps_Australia 1175 days ago · last reply by Stamps_Australia 1175 days agoI think this site is a great opportunity to share our common interests and experience in the philatelic field. I am offering ...
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Australian Antarctic - Specimen
created by rtvstamps 1393 days ago · last reply by rtvstamps 1249 days agoHello friends! I found this stamp in a packet of 10, but it have "SPECIMEN" inverted and it was used (?), I think that...
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Just saying hello to all and everyone!
created by pngcollector 1683 days ago · last reply by Razz 1432 days agoHello all and everyone. I am a new member and I hope there are other P.N.G. collectors here.
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Australian Online Catalogue
created by Lasaboy 1514 days ago · last reply by Bede 1513 days agoHi all, I am currently trying to put the listing of Australian 2007 stamps to bed, all issues 1913 to 2007 will then b...
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N.W.P.I. Roo's
created by pngcollector 1679 days ago · last reply by Svend 1632 days agoHas anyone else who collect N.W.P.I. stamps come across Kangaroo stamps which is printed on King George V size paper due to s...
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