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butterflypostcardandstamp.blogspot.com — This blog site has sources of information of mint and used  worldwide stamps.Also included are mint sheets of various nations.All terms are for trade.If  you want faster deals  paypal is accepted. Also ask for the unique glow in the dark stamps. The mighty postcard needs the humble stamp to travel. …
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ebay.com — Just a site lead of dragonfly resource
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My Philatelic Interests:

All used stamps of world over.

Also needed  souvenir sheets of all types


Buy, Sell or Trade:
Sell, Trade
Stamps I Really Want:

Australia, New Zealand, Bhutan, PNG, Pacific Islands


Hi All , Now my blog is on Youtube mainly as an advert and awareness plan. Anyone can join and participate and ask me for details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H97dq0n-Fwk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nzi4k56zVw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8
butterflystamp · 637 days ago

As we all know images convey a thousand words.So  stamps are the easiest source.As you know Stamps are rising in value too. Do encourage everyone you know to collect stamps.Also stamps can be found everywhere. Stamps help people to learn.Start with simple
butterflystamp · 977 days ago

As we all know this sheet is extremely rare.By sheer luck I have found this sheet.Please contact me to get this sheet at a very fair price.The item will be sent by registered post with a hard cover. thank you butterflystamp
butterflystamp · 1232 days ago

Attention all people, Here is a chance to get these long time printed lighthouse stamps.Right now stocks have come back.Get them either mint or used before stocks run out again. thank you Kiron Manuel
butterflystamp · 1259 days ago

This is one of those rare sheets that I have ready to give away.Please contact me for trade terms.As I live outside India, I can only give you a mint version.thank you Kiron Manuel
butterflystamp · 1387 days ago
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A group for discussion of Aviation and Aircraft on stamps. 
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The history Malaysia (British crown colony Straits Settlements (1826), Malayan states , British patronage (Sabah), the Japanese Invasion of the Malayan Peninsula in the second World War (Malaya 1942) and Federation one finds Malaya (1957) again on numerous stamps. At 31.08.1957 the independence of G…
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1451 days ago · From RonC
this is a group for collectors who collects on the theme 'one stamp from each country' ..
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