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I'm collecting used stamps from several European countries. Stamps from the Nordic countries I want good readable postmarks. Im working hard now to organize my stamps and get an overview over what I have and what I want and what I can exchange.
Collecting classical stamps from Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Interested in detailed studies of the stamps, including types, plates and watermarks.
Interested in joint issue, unusual and atm labels
Recent i got huge amount of post-stamps, and i want to sell them. I know that some of them have big value (i watched on numerous sites) but i'm not sure in that, so i'm looking for experience philatelist to set value on my collection.
Hello. I'm from the United States and am interested in all stamps.
I'm an Italian philatelist: I collect principally Italian used stamps and a lot of material about my city, Rimini
Hi. My name is Avraham and I am an advanced collector of Railway Parcel Posta stamps, Local and State Railways, Revenues with Trains and Cinderellas with Trains.
i am from India,collect Indian- Postal history especially official mail between age is 67 have plenty time.Enjoying philately. I am a member of ISC,(Philately)U.K.+A.P.S.interested exchanging information from other members.
Hey there! Looking for others who like to blog and share their collection with others. Always looking to make new friends and even figure out trades.
Hello all. I have just joined up and am seeking reliable trading partners prepared to use want lists to fill the gaps in my collections of used Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany & Canada. I look forward to becoming an active member Cheers Steve
Hello to all , I am a painter , painting stamps , on canvas.. I am interrested in all kind of stamps . Here is my work:
Hi all my Name is Alyn I have been a member for a while but not very active.
HI, Im tony i collect used US and Italy
Hi to all.I have been a member of the APS for 35+ years and a collector for longer.What do I collect?To much.USA,Germany and the world to about 1956.I also have a topical collection of the U.S bicentennial and revolution.As I said to much.I enjoy stamps and covers for their history and beauty and as an escape from the pressure of life.You know,down time.
Although not a Swiss, I was born in Basel and starting collecting Swiss stamps at an early age. During my 20's I sold my collection which I immediately regretted! After a break of many years I have returned to the task and have started rebuilding my collection!
Hello i'm from italy! I love est europe stamps...I collection czechoslovakia & bosnia
I have been a serious collector for more that 40 years. My interests are all South and Central American countries pre 1960, Australia covers Australia Post and privately produced but must have a pictorial cancellation. I have been trading on Ebay for over 12 years (Ballaratgold) and am also on Delcampe. I have a website " "
My stamp interests are WW. I am currently concentrating on Pakistan, Russia,China, Denmark, Sweden, Swiss, St. Kitts-Nevis, Bahamas, Finland, Japan and Argentina. My topical interests are Elephants, Hockey, UNESCO World Heritage, Dinosaurs, and anything Pony Express-related.
Basically a Stamp collector, moved onto Postcards , using stamps for travel information. and learning tool for people with learning challenges.
I'm trying .... to focus on Germany, States, 1872 - 1948, at the monent main 3rd Reich trying to get a MNH, MH and a used collection complete, along with occupations, zones, metermarks, fine special cancels and along thoese lines - been working on my Zone lates, mainly the Russian one.
I collect Europa in all philatelic manifestations (e.g., forerunners, "sympathy", sport, etc. and am President of the ATA/APS Europa Study Unit. I also collect WWF, Star Trek, US and UN.
Hi to members that collect Topics. I have many different Topics that I can offer for exchange. Please contact me direct at and I will forward scans of items I can offer. The list of topics are. Scouts, Walt Disney. Fauna, Aircraft, Space, Trains, Ships, Transport, Birds, Flowers, Sports plus many different issues of New Zealand.
I am a www collector and am working on South and Central America especially the overproduced stamps and am always looking to trade.
I'm a collector 50+ years and sell stamps from my website and on eBay & Bidstart. I'm TheStampNut
India ,miniature sheets,full sheets,Block of 4,ERRORS--perforation, double prints,dry prints,FDC ERRORS--CTO
Hi. I collect French ex-colonies mint but the collection is nearly complete now. I only need a few and can give details if anyone thinks they can help!
Hi sorry not been on this site much first i had trouble getting in and then rl gets in way just saying Hi and that i am mainly interested in Japanese Occupation of WWII stamp related items and my wife collects New Zealand Health stamps covers etc
Collecting China area since 1990. Especially interested in second world war & communist revolution period. Would welcome modern used Chinese stamps. Can offer various swaps.
I collect used or mint world stamps issued before 1941.
I collect SP&M, Guadeloupe French Colonies
I'm interesting in Romanian stamps
Hello, my name is Anna. I am from the United States. I am interest in royalty stamps, land scapes, h animals, any country and really any subject that catches my eye that day.
Says voucher is full up cannot redeem points
Hi, my name is Ken Boorman and I collect mainly thematic stamps these days. Topics I collect are animals of most kinds excepting mammals, and rocks and minerals
Hi, my name is Leah and I collect stamps from everywhere, in particular Southern Africa
My name is Lonnie and I collect used US as found it the Scott US Album part 1. And the first hundred years of philately 1840 1940. I also collect the Penny Black with my initials on them LH.
I am collecting Philatelic Materiel for last 45 years, actively involved in promotion of philately at various club levels in India.
I have collected france since i was 16 years old , and i have old stamps collection ( more than 65 years ago)
I have collected France since I was 12 years old but recently took over a collection of USA, Australia, Canada and Newzealand and I'm looking after a GB Collection for my Brother.
Avid stamp collector from India. I collect stamps on Aviation & Watercrafts. I like to swap with the rest of the fellow collectors across country
Shahnawaz from pakistan punjab. My hobbies are stamps and coin collecting.
I collect and swap stamps and related material. I have an active Facebook Page,' Philately- The King of Hobbies'. I welcome fellow Philatelists to swap and sell/purchase Philatelic related material.
I'm an Norwegian living in Canada. I have collected since I was 10. I collect Europe,USA,Canada. I'm presently working on cataloging my Russian collection & to fill missing stamps. I collect Mint & Used
Have been collecting stamps for over 5 decades now have an interest in Indian Stamps and thematic collections like space, stamp on stamp, birds, dogs, wildlife, paintings, Buddha, railways, odd shapes, exotica, Miniature sheets. Busy now in arranging them in suitable albums with proper informative write-ups about the exhibits.
I have just passed my diamond anniversary as a philatelist. That means decades of experience and knowledge gained, all of which I am more than willing to share with others. After work on my Israel collection - every issue made since 1948 - I have returned to my thematic collections for new purchases though I also buy many issues simply because I love them. My Stanley Gibbons catalogues and Bale catalogue (Israel) rarely leave my side. My philatelic text books are also never far away. There is my own blog site at as well as my blog here. My albums here at MSW only reflect a very small part of my total collections. My contributions here only utilise a little of my knowledge. So ask and post away here on MSW and if I think I can help, I will try.
I inherited from my late Father ( a few years ago) a collection of banknotes, coins, postcards and stamps. At that time, I just wanted to sell them off. But after visiting a few dealers and buying catalogues to value the collections, I was hit by the collecting bug! I am now trying to complete my Father's collections as well as trying the educate the Collecting Community. My newest collection is phonecards which I know is a sunset hobby, but I find it challenging and fun! I am quite active in stamps now as I am the Committee Member and Auction Chairman.of Philatelic Society of Malaysia (PSM) for a few years already. For stamps, I collect countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, China and some other interesting country like Nepal and Tibet. For themes, I collect Birds, Orchids and Ships. I am quite active on Facebook and now just joined Colnect.
What to say about myself? Simple: one (probably) single YUGOSLAVIAN in Israel, (and not so frequent in this small planet)! "Handling" Philately for more than 35 years, where I have one very good mentor in this field. Member of APS, IFSDA, NSDA, ATA and other Philatelic Clubs. My reputation as honest dealer, fair and straight when talking about material that are in question. Keeping focused on my Yugoslavia, and former Yugoslavian Republics, but have in stock also Jordan, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Israel and few other. Experience that can say lot!
Hello fellow collectors, This is Roberto D. Tan from Manila, Philippines. I am a collector older stamps from the British Colonies, German Colonies, Portuguese Colonies, Belgian Colonies, Dutch Colonies, Danish Colonies, Spanish Colonies, French Colonies, Italian Colonies, Austria-Hungary Empire, Ottoman Empire, Indian Princely States, Plebiscite Territories, Possessions, Occupations, WWI, WWII, Dead Countries, New Countries, and all other oldies. I specialized in Philippines. I am a neophyte in Cinderella stamps. I like to exchange with any oldy stamps with my new Philippine stamp in a 1:1 ratio. This is my style of exchange and manyfellow collectors before have made so many exchange with me. I am really shy, yet I am very friendly, frank and direct to the point. I hope to have additional friends here.
I am an electrical engineer, work in the International Airport of Guayaquil "José Joaquín de Olmedo".Experienced collector in the WWF Stamps Collection. I interested in issues mint, FDC, maximun cards and covers.Favorite topic:- WWF Maximun Cards ( - Antarctic territories - Lighthouse ( - Polar wildlife: penguins, seals, whales - Polar ships - Trains - Airport & Airplanes - City skyline - Bridges - Vintage cards
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