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Soldiers serving in the trenches during the war were given pre-printed post cards to write correspondence. The cards carried warnings about divulging any information of a military nature. The sender was also asked not to give any information that could lea
GibChris · 977 days ago

Lighthouses: Postcard & Philathely
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Today`s world has become very modern with postcards and stamps.The mighty postcard needs the humble stamp to travel. Postcards and stamps reveal the culture and history of the world. The internet is helping Philately a lot.Just locate people who are intere
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The Most Northerly Post Office in Britain. Whilst on holiday recently I bought half a dozen postcards showing a swan. I later puchased some GB Bird and swan stamps from 1989 (SG 1419-1422) and 1993 (. being decimal currency issues they are still valid for
Theotoo · 1561 days ago

Maximaphily. Maximaphily is a branch of philately involving stamped and cancelled postcards. Take a stamp, find a postcard that expands on the subject of the stamp and stick the stamp on the picture side of the card. Then get the stamp cancelled, if possib
Theotoo · 1562 days ago