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Traditionally the Mexican stamp Issues of 19th Century had a great variety of Postmarks, many of them were considered beautiful. The most were applied using a manufactured Device.   However, some cancellations were used using a simple pen;  were used two t
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I have found one of the rarest Maximilian counterfeit.  This counterfeit is very scarce, only the 13c and 50c denomitations have been seen.  These counterfeits have no overprints or cancels.  The "C" in "MEXICANO" is an "O", the word "MEXIOANA" is the best
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From my Collection:  7c. Lilac  /  Maximilian Issue  /  District San Luis Potosí 140-866  /  Quantities issued: 2,400 of mixed values, (400 of this 7c), estimated survived: 30% (120) Scott #31 - USD$450.00 Mint (rare)  /  USD$5,500.00 Used (very rare) This
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This is another of my favorites in my Collection.   Cover from Mexico used during the Mexican Empire 1866 with Maximilian Stamp (Intervention French). Data: Sent from Queretaro to Celaya Overprints, Name and Numbers: "Queretaro" - Consignment 6 with year 1
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 Here another piece of my Collection with different variety as Only Name. About this: Maximilian of Asburgo It have a dot after of "25 c", Litho.  "Mexico District from 1866" , only 7,227 Invoices were sent.   Were issued in August 1°, 1866 in sheets of
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The Maximilian Stamps of the Mexican Empire are interesting for the great variety of Districts, Sub-district and Cancellations.   Here one of my Collection. Here only with District.   About the numbers: Maximilian of Asburgo It have a dot after of "25 c",
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