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Prambanan is hindu temple at Jokjakarta (central of java ) . some years ago . before indonesia nation. we have many kingdom. like sumatra kingdom , java. ctc. so when Majapahit (unite) with oath palapa   ( SUMPAH PALAPA) GAJAH MADA is warlords. he do it fo
Deslinda · 1372 days ago

Ganesha image on FDC and three images on stamps they are Pradnyaparamita statue from 12th century, Ganesha statue and Siva statue from 9th century
mas_dani · 1480 days ago

Indonesia has so many archaelogical remains, starts from prehistoric era until colonial era. one interisting era in Indonesia history are Indian influence as seen on architecture such as temple building and also enriched with beautiful sculputure, statue a
mas_dani · 1480 days ago