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The French Post Office has launched a new collection entitled The Treasures of Philately.  A philately expert committee has established a list of 50 most iconic stamps of the golden age of intaglio, from 1928 to 1959. These 50 stamps will be reprinted at a
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These stamps depict the 2nd century stature of the "Winged Victory of Samothrace". They were issued in 1937 but only available in Museums around France. This particular pair are on a card from the Louvre in Paris and post marked 16th October 1937. The muse
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From 25th June to 25 July 1927 Marseille hosted the first international aviation and Navigation exhibition in the Palace du Parc Chanot. To commemorate the event a special edition of the Merson stamp was produced with an Airmail overprint. It is always a p
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This series of Stamps were designed by Pierre Gandon in 1942 and were issued to celebrate the Tricolour Legion. The Tricolour legion was part of the LVF (Legion of Volunteers) comprising far right Frenchmen and prisoners of war conscripted to fight the Rus
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The 1941 Petain series of stamps is not exactly a rarity in French collections and is sold my most dealers at handling price only. Here however we have an interesting variation to the stamp. Forged, probably in Whitehall, the head of Petain has the shadowy
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One of the most successful stamps of the post war period for France is the Marianne designed by Pierre Gandon. The story behind this stamp is for another post. The post is to show case the design for an airmail by his father, Gaston Gandon. The stamp is a
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Soldiers serving in the trenches during the war were given pre-printed post cards to write correspondence. The cards carried warnings about divulging any information of a military nature. The sender was also asked not to give any information that could lea
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The letter from 1792, the reign of Terror in France, was sent by the Agency for Law to officials in Deauville, a pleasant seaside town, in Normandy. If probably contained the law news from the Revolutionary Council. Although the cover is only an envelope a
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Although devoid of stamps, this letter was written in 1692 which I find interesting. That year France had terrible harvests and the country suffered a famine as a result. Louis XIV (the Sun King) was on the throne. In other part of the world the Americans
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This is one of my favorite Covers in my Collection.   This Cover were used during the Mexican Empire in 1865. Data: Stamp: 2 reales, Imperial Eagle with Consignment Number (Mexico) and Year - 58-1865 - 4th Period.Cancellations:  "GUANAJUATO / FRANCO, 30 JU
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