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The first stamp attributed to Guatemala was a fraud perpetrated by a Mr. J. Holland in 1867.  He represented himself as an agent of the government and ordered some 5 centavo stamps from a Boston dealer Samuel Allan Taylor (a.k.a. Don Alberto de Bario), eng
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The first stamp issued by the then new Republic of Cuba was the 1¢ surcharge on the U. S. Bureau-printed 3¢ purple with the allegorical figure representative of "Cuba," Scott's No. 232.  This surcharge was done in Cuba.  The last U. S. issue for Cuba was t
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Finland came under Russian control after a short war with Sweden in 1809.  The Russian Czars ruled Finland until 1917. Little is known of early Finnish postal history; however, in 1845 stamped envelopes in 5 and 10 kopeck values were introduced.  After fiv
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On the 26th of March, 1850, the Austrian Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a decree authorizing issuance of stamps.  The postal rates were simple: 1 loth (1/3 oz) letters were 2 kreuzer for letters delivered in the district of posting; 3 kreuzer for
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The Treaty of Berlin which concluded the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, changed the status of Bulgaria from province of Turkey to principality under the suzerainty of Turkey (get someone else to explain those distinctions to you!).  Since Turkish stamps had
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