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This Marianne designed by Decaris was the standard internal postage stamp from 15 June 1960 until 17 July 1965. Its life was further extended as the stamp face value was equivalent to post card postage. The stamp was engraved by Jules Piel and printed in l
GibChris · 994 days ago

Latin names are a minefield for stamp designers and printers. Here is an example on a Malaysian stamp. 2001 stamp showing the Blue-breasted Quail. The Latin name is Coturnix chinensis. On the stamp it is misspelled as COTUMIX chinensis: Malaysia 2009 'Un
angrybird · 1430 days ago

Folk dance S55 6-1, both CTO. Missing one, or possibly two, colours? It seems a bright red colour has been omitted, most evident on the cloak of the figure on the left, but also in other parts of the design. The faces are also green instead of pink-brown,
WestNab · 1605 days ago

I find a bigger Sun at China Red Flag on Myanmar stamps see scan, I can find 1 or 2 small or smaller error on one sheet of 30 stamps  
chinajika · 1783 days ago