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Traditionally the Mexican stamp Issues of 19th Century had a great variety of Postmarks, many of them were considered beautiful. The most were applied using a manufactured Device.   However, some cancellations were used using a simple pen;  were used two t
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This is another of my favorites in my Collection.   Cover from Mexico used during the Mexican Empire 1866 with Maximilian Stamp (Intervention French). Data: Sent from Queretaro to Celaya Overprints, Name and Numbers: "Queretaro" - Consignment 6 with year 1
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This is one of my favorite Covers in my Collection.   This Cover were used during the Mexican Empire in 1865. Data: Stamp: 2 reales, Imperial Eagle with Consignment Number (Mexico) and Year - 58-1865 - 4th Period.Cancellations:  "GUANAJUATO / FRANCO, 30 JU
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The Maximilian Stamps of the Mexican Empire are interesting for the great variety of Districts, Sub-district and Cancellations.   Here one of my Collection. Here only with District.   About the numbers: Maximilian of Asburgo It have a dot after of "25 c",
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