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Samuel Gompers was born in London, England in 1850.  At the age of 10 he was sent to work as a cigar maker apprentice to help out his impoverished family.In 1863 the Gompers' immigrated to the US and settled into Manhattan's Lower East Side.  For the first
alynstampcollector · 590 days ago

One of my favourite covers is: Why do I like it? It was from the Private Secretary to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and in my estimation it is a pretty snazzy find. Below is the letter that was enclosed.   if you are looking for a little more backgroun
alynstampcollector · 596 days ago

The letter from 1792, the reign of Terror in France, was sent by the Agency for Law to officials in Deauville, a pleasant seaside town, in Normandy. If probably contained the law news from the Revolutionary Council. Although the cover is only an envelope a
GibChris · 1015 days ago

This is a letter written from Amsterdam to Brussels via Antwerp. So why is it in my French Collection? Well, as well as French stamps, I also collect stamps/covers from areas under French Administration (such as Memel, Saar and post war Germany). In 1801 A
GibChris · 1016 days ago

This cover dates from 1941. The Germans had retaken the two boarder regions of Alsace and Lorraine and produced stamps over printed with the German names of these regions (Elsaz and Lothringen). The letter was written from Strasbourg which is the capital o
GibChris · 1019 days ago

Although devoid of stamps, this letter was written in 1692 which I find interesting. That year France had terrible harvests and the country suffered a famine as a result. Louis XIV (the Sun King) was on the throne. In other part of the world the Americans
GibChris · 1019 days ago

Santa's Here! With my white beard grown to a bushy 2.5 to 3 inches in length, a good number of our local young children are delighted to confirm that the real Father Christmas is to be found 3 or 4 days after Christmas, on holiday after all the exertions o
Theotoo · 1227 days ago

This Cover was used during the Mexican Revolution, it contains a mixed franking, 1 stamp from Mexico and another from U.S.A.  This situation happen when the employeer from "FINNIGAN-BROWN Co." he carried the Mexican stamp with a postal fee of 05.0 cents.,
rtvstamps · 1293 days ago

SPACE DEDICATED TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SPECIES IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION THROUGH POSTAL STAMPS WITH THE WWF EMBLEM. Espacio dedicado al conocimiento de las especies en peligro de extinción a través de la sellos postales con el emblema de WWF
job66 · 1297 days ago

This is one of my favorite Covers in my Collection.   This Cover were used during the Mexican Empire in 1865. Data: Stamp: 2 reales, Imperial Eagle with Consignment Number (Mexico) and Year - 58-1865 - 4th Period.Cancellations:  "GUANAJUATO / FRANCO, 30 JU
rtvstamps · 1309 days ago
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