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 originally posted on MyPhilately.com on January 11, 2011 Thousands of miles from any Ocean is the Prairie Beacon of Cochin Saskatchewan (population 206). Located in the Village of Cochin, Saskatchewan stands a light house (the only one in Saskatchewan).
alynstampcollector · 589 days ago

It's a grey morning, and I noticed this morning that it was still somewhat dark out there as I made the morning coffee and fed the cats.  Fall comes in as a reminder that stamp collecting "season" is about to start, at least here in the northern hemisphere
ScanStamps · 591 days ago

Mint stamps are accepted as the most valuable of the stamps because not yet used, they have the most financial value.  But they have been printed to be postage and so far have not performed any function other than to lay in a vault.  Where's the value in t
Steve_Donovan · 1237 days ago

About 10 years ago I picked Mauritius as a country I wanted to collect partly because it was not commonly collected, affordable while not that everyday, and no one knew how to pronounce the name.  It is more-ish-iss, like delicious starting with more. The
Steve_Donovan · 1255 days ago