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Fossils recently discovered in Peru, reveal that giants penguins as "Incayaku" (Discovered in 2008) and "Icadypes (discovered in 2005)  they inhabited the areas of Parajas and Ocucaje (Ica) during the Eocene makes 36 million years, a time characterized by
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Visit www.e-packet.co.uk for ships and birds on stamps. This is possibly the world's first internet-based stamp packet and specialises in birds and ships. You need to be a member, but membership is free, and we have members worldwide. Have a look at the si
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Heraldic Eagles Eagles have been used as emblems of the state for millenia. Just think of the Roman Legion marching with its eagle through the countryside or into battle. Where ever the eagle went there also marched the Emperor or his representative, law,
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This magnificent collection of birds of prey from Hungary presents three eagles, 2 buzzards and 2 falcons. The stamps and first day covers also bear the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo. Denom- ination Date of Issue SG No 1fo 18/08/1983
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Out of an estimated 30,000 bird stamps not many show the Adult bird with Young. Here are a few of such stamps. Anguilla 1980 set of 4 stamps all show the adult with young birds in the nest. $1.50 Barn Swallow. 5c Brown Pelican. 22c Great Grey Heron. $3 Ru
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Jambu Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus Jambu) 80 cents, issued 6 June 2007 as part of a definitive series. This is the only stamp featuring this species to be issued so far (although this bird is found in southern Thailand, Malay peninsula, Singapore, Borneo, Sumatr
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I like to take photos of birds, especially those which appear on Singapore stamps. Then match them up! White-collared Kingfisher 5c, issued in 2010 White-breasted Waterhen 55c, issued in 2010 Blue-throated Bee-Eater 30c, issued in 2007. Yellow Wagtai
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                                Images will change every 10 seconds                                                  Sit back and enjoy A close up view of the 1971 issue of fiji with plants and birds. A great set
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