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One of my favourite stamp sets is the American Airmail stamps issued in the summer of 1947.  The 3 value set features prominent aircraft and landmarks of the time.   The stamps were printed by rotary press and are perforated 11 x 10½.    The 10¢ value fea
alynstampcollector · 551 days ago

From 25th June to 25 July 1927 Marseille hosted the first international aviation and Navigation exhibition in the Palace du Parc Chanot. To commemorate the event a special edition of the Merson stamp was produced with an Airmail overprint. It is always a p
GibChris · 973 days ago

One of the most successful stamps of the post war period for France is the Marianne designed by Pierre Gandon. The story behind this stamp is for another post. The post is to show case the design for an airmail by his father, Gaston Gandon. The stamp is a
GibChris · 976 days ago