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The TU-144 took to the air 2 months before the Anglo/French Concorde and on June 5, 1969 it broke the sound period for the first time. Only a month and ten days later the TU-144 became the first commercial aircraft to travel more than twice the speed of so
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In 1991 Cambodia issued a set of 7 stamps celebrating some of the worlds most popular airliners. Although no airline is specifically detailed on any of the stamps, these Airliners have been used world wide. The Stamps issued on June 15 are printed by litho
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One of my favourite stamp sets is the American Airmail stamps issued in the summer of 1947.  The 3 value set features prominent aircraft and landmarks of the time.   The stamps were printed by rotary press and are perforated 11 x 10½.    The 10¢ value fea
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