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This Cover was used during the Mexican Revolution, it contains a mixed franking, 1 stamp from Mexico and another from U.S.A.  This situation happen when the employeer from "FINNIGAN-BROWN Co." he carried the Mexican stamp with a postal fee of 05.0 cents.,
rtvstamps · 1258 days ago

This is one of my favorite Covers in my Collection.   This Cover were used during the Mexican Empire in 1865. Data: Stamp: 2 reales, Imperial Eagle with Consignment Number (Mexico) and Year - 58-1865 - 4th Period.Cancellations:  "GUANAJUATO / FRANCO, 30 JU
rtvstamps · 1274 days ago

Hello friends! For your reference: Adolfo Hitler 60pf. stamp - "Cover sent from Berlin to Luxemburg, September 11, 1943" ------------------------------------------- Fake! - Why??? - R= The round cancel is a fantasy and a rate of 60 Pfennig existed, but by
rtvstamps · 1579 days ago

 Hello friends: Some days ago I received this cover: I did not know that the "Specimen" stamps could be used on a regular basis, unfortunately the stamps were not postmarked . Regards!Rodolfo
rtvstamps · 1580 days ago
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