The first issue of Brazil - the Bullseye, so nicknamed from the design's resemblance - comes fourth chronologically in order of issue of adhesive postage stamps. First, in 1840, came the Penny Black and two-pence Blue of Great Britain; in 1842 came the New
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Fossils recently discovered in Peru, reveal that giants penguins as "Incayaku" (Discovered in 2008) and "Icadypes (discovered in 2005)  they inhabited the areas of Parajas and Ocucaje (Ica) during the Eocene makes 36 million years, a time characterized by
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Hello friends! Sorry, I forget to add my link with the Mexican Philatelic Exhibit in October, 2014 for the FMF (Federación Mexicana de Filatelia - Mexican Philatelic Federation), I hope you like it: The page is in Spanish: http://www.rtvmodelismo.com/Resen
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This Cover was used during the Mexican Revolution, it contains a mixed franking, 1 stamp from Mexico and another from U.S.A.  This situation happen when the employeer from "FINNIGAN-BROWN Co." he carried the Mexican stamp with a postal fee of 05.0 cents.,
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This is another of my favorites in my Collection.   Cover from Mexico used during the Mexican Empire 1866 with Maximilian Stamp (Intervention French). Data: Sent from Queretaro to Celaya Overprints, Name and Numbers: "Queretaro" - Consignment 6 with year 1
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