I have been in two minds about whether to write this or not. I decided yes. One can see so many lovely stamps on various social media forums, most of them anyway are lovely, but a few that are lets say, perhaps ok just for ones personal collection ev
michaelatcddstamps · 235 days ago

Hello, I forgot all about this site until a few days ago.  Been really busy with other philatelic activities and my postings dropped off in some circles. But am back. I wrote in another forum a few weeks ago how important it was to have a good catalogue. S
michaelatcddstamps · 236 days ago

general philately aviation on stamps Enjoy Michael
michaelatcddstamps · 1425 days ago

Hi, cddstamps December Newsletter now available. For a copy please email me at Michael
michaelatcddstamps · 1607 days ago

Hello,  found this one and thought would share. Brilliant design I think and even with the rather heavy cancellation I think it is nice to see. I do not have my catalogue for Czechoslovakia with me so cannot identify it. Anyone collect this country who can
michaelatcddstamps · 1614 days ago
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