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The MS Jutlandia was built for the East Asiatic Company (EAC) by the EAC at the Nakskov Shipyard in 1934. She was 461 feet long with a beam of 61 feet and a draught of 36 feet. The Jutlandia was a combined cargo and passenger ship. She had a cruise speed o
alynstampcollector · 233 days ago

The MV MacDhui was built by Barclay, Curie and Co., Ltd. of Glasgow in 1931 for Burns Philp on their New Guinea service. She displaced 4,561 gross tons with a length of 341 feet 9 inches and a beam of 51 feet 2 inches. Her engines provided 635 nhp and she
alynstampcollector · 246 days ago

Prior to July 1, 1967 British North America was composed of separate colonies of Great Britain. These included the Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Rupert’s Land, North-Western Territories, British Columbia, Vancouver Island and the Provin
alynstampcollector · 295 days ago

 In 1990 the Polish Postal Authority issued a stamp to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre.  The Katyn Massacre occurred in April - May of 1940 in the Katyn Forest Prison camp and other locations in Russia.  In March of 1940 Lavrentiy Be
alynstampcollector · 300 days ago

At observances in which Buddhist monks are in attendance, one of the more noteworthy paraphernalia is the detailed and decorative monk's fan. The fans are used by the monks to cover their faces when they are addressing devotees at the temple.  Originally
alynstampcollector · 312 days ago

Built by William Henry Forster in 1853 the Edwin Fox is the world’s second oldest surviving merchant ship and the only remaining example of a ship that transported convicts to Australia. Made of teak and constructed at Calcutta in West Bengal, the Edwin F
alynstampcollector · 313 days ago

The Ghanan Postal authority issued a set of 3 stamps in 1957 to commemorate the formation of the Black Star Line, Ghana’s national shipping company. Intended to carry cargoes of equipment and materials to Ghana and sail with Ghanan produce going outward.
alynstampcollector · 317 days ago

Over the last couple of years I have used pictorial cancels to mail letters to my family with a pictorial cancel for Christmas, Valentines day etc... But now as a result of buying the latest issues from Canada Post for my trading partners I developed an ex
alynstampcollector · 320 days ago

On July 1st, 1942, the Canadian government issued a series of stamps to celebrate Canada and Canadians contributions to the war effort. The 20¢ value was titled Corvette Ready for Launching and was designed by Herman Schwartz and engraved by Clifford Daws
alynstampcollector · 325 days ago

Issued in 1981 as one in a set of 4 commemorating Norwegian lake shipping the Motor Vessel (MV) Victoria is featured on the 1k.30 value. Built in 1882 as a Steam Ship the MV Victoria was converted to diesel propulsion in 1953. She served on the route betw
alynstampcollector · 325 days ago
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