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I wish to post pictures of Postal Stamps mainly having a picture of previous issue postal stamp printed on new postal stamp. This is a Thematic Subject and if some one is interested to start collect or organize his collection on the subject, yes it will be
PMPatel · 1634 days ago

Out of an estimated 30,000 bird stamps not many show the Adult bird with Young. Here are a few of such stamps. Anguilla 1980 set of 4 stamps all show the adult with young birds in the nest. $1.50 Barn Swallow. 5c Brown Pelican. 22c Great Grey Heron. $3 Ru
angrybird · 1525 days ago

I think I've been saying "I really need to get organized" for over 30 years. Confession: I am really more of a stamp accumulator/hoarder than I am a "collector." I see photos of "stamp collectors" who sit in their neat and tidy office with a couple of albu
ScanStamps · 1662 days ago

A  blog for the thoughts , memories and predictions of Asian stamp collecting.  The range is unlimited.  Asian countries , collectors living in Asia and collectors of Asia stamps , covers etc. All are welcome to give their ideas and experiences.
Bede · 1662 days ago

In INDIA there is a trend to release a special cover and cancellation to celebrate / remember some specific event. There are so many covers released so far, that if some one wants to publish a catalog on it. Here is a "Sample Cover"
PMPatel · 1621 days ago

How many countries in the world issue a "Stamp Issue Calendar" such as this one?
PMPatel · 1527 days ago

Hi, July is my birthday month so I thought of having a small contest. This contest open to all member of MYSTAMPWORLD. Prize: 1 mint Miniature Sheet of Malaysia, theme of flora, Highland Flowers of Malaysia (Series II) – date of issue 9 October 2000 (ONE W
Razz · 1740 days ago

Have you ever thought about becoming a stamp dealer, but didn't know how to go about it?  I just published an article that hopefully will give you some helpful information about becoming a dealer.  It is a rewarding field, but involves a lot of hard work a
Jimjih · 1547 days ago

I like to take photos of birds, especially those which appear on Singapore stamps. Then match them up! White-collared Kingfisher 5c, issued in 2010 White-breasted Waterhen 55c, issued in 2010 Blue-throated Bee-Eater 30c, issued in 2007. Yellow Wagtai
angrybird · 1596 days ago

I don't know what it is like in other towns and cities around the world, but the last 20 years or so has seen a sad decline in the number of post offices in the UK. As the volume of mail sent is reduced and many services offered by the post office become a
Anglez · 1784 days ago
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