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The MS Jutlandia was built for the East Asiatic Company (EAC) by the EAC at the Nakskov Shipyard in 1934. She was 461 feet long with a beam of 61 feet and a draught of 36 feet. The Jutlandia was a combined cargo and passenger ship. She had a cruise speed o
alynstampcollector · 233 days ago

      I have been in two minds about whether to write this or not. I decided yes. One can see so many lovely stamps on various social media forums, most of them anyway are lovely, but a few that are lets say, perhaps ok just for ones personal collection ev
michaelatcddstamps · 233 days ago

Hello, I forgot all about this site until a few days ago.  Been really busy with other philatelic activities and my postings dropped off in some circles. But am back. I wrote in another forum a few weeks ago how important it was to have a good catalogue. S
michaelatcddstamps · 234 days ago

The MV MacDhui was built by Barclay, Curie and Co., Ltd. of Glasgow in 1931 for Burns Philp on their New Guinea service. She displaced 4,561 gross tons with a length of 341 feet 9 inches and a beam of 51 feet 2 inches. Her engines provided 635 nhp and she
alynstampcollector · 246 days ago
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Really interesting. Missing this in my collection, have the res 10 kopecks.
67 days ago · From Tobben63
Thanks for this blog. I have several of this stamp and it is nice to know some background of the motive on it.
Posted in Blog The MS Jutlandia
67 days ago · From Tobben63
And, Alyn, my visual colour perception is so good I see shades galore. . . . . 
Posted in Blog studying Machins
227 days ago · From Theotoo
The images you show are of stamps which would not make it into my collection because of the obvious faults. To please the eye as well as provide value
227 days ago · From Theotoo
Hi,  thanks for reading me  and the comment..     as long as we enjoy our stamps that is all that matters..  there is no right and wrong way to do tha
Posted in Blog studying Machins
234 days ago · From michaelatcddstamps
Excellent post.  I am a one of each stamp person, but I think catalogues play a vital role in what we do as collectors.
Posted in Blog studying Machins
234 days ago · From alynstampcollector
Hello RTVStamps, Your blogs are very informative and a very interesting read.  I look forward to more of them.
244 days ago · From alynstampcollector
Amazing sheet. Money on stamps, Stamp on stamps, Birds on stamps. Three of my themes all in one place!
Posted in Blog STAMP ON STAMP
268 days ago · From Theotoo
Interesting to read about how Canada as a nation was formed. Had no knowledge of this before.
293 days ago · From Suzan
Agreed, every stamp tells a story, and this is one I had not known about.
Posted in Blog The Katyn Massacre
295 days ago · From angrybird
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