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Gibraltar's Porcelain Nativity

Gibraltar's Porcelain Nativity

My Christmas is never complete without some part of Church or Home, or preferably both, having a Nativity scene on display. This represents Jesus's birth in the stable at Bethlehem with figures representing the Holy Family, the Sheherds and the three wise men or Kings. The manger scene of Jesu's birth is lovingly and reverently assembled. Whilst the figures can be made out of a variety of materials, stone and china are often used because of their final beauty and durability. Some figures are life-size others much smaller.

In 2007, Gibraltar Post issued six sheets of eight stamps showing porcelain nativity figurines:

2007 Gibraltar Christmas

8p: Joseph

2007 Gibraltar Christmas - Jesus

8p:  Baby Jesus

2007 Gibraltar Christmas - Mary

40p: Mary

2007 Gibraltar Christmas - Melchior

42p: King Melchior

2007 Gibraltar Christmas - Balthasar

49p: King Balthasar

2007 Gibraltar Christmas - Melchior

55p: King Gaspar

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Gibraltar's Porcelain Nativity