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An Island Nativity

An Island Nativity - Malta Christmas 2014

Malta's set of Christmas stamps for  2014 shows the birth story of Jesus Christ.

One stamp shows Mary and Joseph out in the cold under a star lit sky, some distance from a fire. Two more show Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus although in one of the stamps Mary and Joseph are so small they almost get lost in the vastness of the stable building. Finally the three kings are shown visiting the stable.

2014 Malta Christmas Nativity 

  2014 Malta Christmas Nativity 2014 Malta Christmas Nativity

2014 Malta Christmas Nativity  2014 Malta Christmas Nativity

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Theotoo · 1222 days ago
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  •  Theotoo: 

    @angrybird. Since my last comment a man from my ISP has spent a day at the junction box on the corner of my road with the result the congestion problems have been significantly dealt with. Now I get a reliable 30Mbps service. This is the current hoped for minimum for the system and it is planned to provide a new minimum of 50Mbps by Spring. I,ve also spent time commissioning a new laptop and rehashing my system of folders etc. Computing is now much much faster so hopefully my output can be more rapidly and efficiently produced. So watch this space . . . . 

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  •  Theotoo: 

    Thanks for your encouragement, angrybird. I have not been able to blog as often as I've wanted this Christmas. That appears to be mostly due to congestion on my fibreoptic broadband.  That's virgin media for you. Not expecting any improvement until the Christmas school holidays are over and the children have gone back to school.

     1218 days ago 
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  •  angrybird: 

    I truly enjoy reading your blogs on Christmas stamps around this time of the year . Merry Christmas!

     1218 days ago 
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An Island Nativity